Bug Season


It’s Bug Season in South Africa!

Some call it summer, I just call it “bug season.” The intense heat has come again and with it all kinds of interesting bugs and little frogs (I call them “hoppy frogs,” and they are about the size of your pinky nail or smaller) and geckos. After having already lived here through one “bug season,” I have realized that, yes, there ARE things more icky than having a tiny gecko on your bedroom wall. In fact, if you have one in your room, you are less likely to be eaten alive by mosquitoes! (Mozies, people here call them.) Love the lizards! They are your friends! Upon first finding a gecko near my bed, I almost couldn’t sleep for being concerned that he would climb on me in the night and something terrible would happen, like the part from the movie The Parent Trap where a lizard went in the mean lady’s mouth! Nothing of the sort occurred however, I am pleased to tell you. Now I see my tiny friends as some very special little creations.

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