No Coincidence


clockSometimes the devotional entry I read before I begin my day doesn’t just give general true principles – sometimes it speaks exactly to my situation.  Sometimes when fear and sorrow are crushing my heart as I write in my journal, the “random” verse at the bottom of each page happens to be not random at all.  Sometimes when I am in public, a song will start playing over the speakers and it will be precisely what I need at that very moment.  Sometimes when my dreams feel insignificant or unattainable, someone “randomly” bolsters my dreams with timely words.  Sometimes when I feel frustrated at the way people act and react, I will suddenly have a deep revelation about their heart that makes me understand and fills me with a fresh love and compassion for them.  Sometimes when my life feels crazy and all-consuming, I have a chance to drive through mountains, swim in oceans, or look down at the world from an airplane, and those vast displays of God’s majesty put everything back into perspective.  Sometimes when I am minding my own business, living my own life, I have a word for someone else – sometimes it is literally one single word, but it will make them burst into tears and hug me.  Sometimes these things happen every single day.

gandalf quoteCoincidence?  Some might think so, but I think not.  In fact, I know not.  How do I know?  Because I serve the Living God, and He speaks.  His words of conviction, of love, of hope, of peace are always timely.  And yes – He always acts right on time, too.  We like to think that our idea of timing is much better than God’s.  We often say to Him, just as Frodo said to Gandalf, “You’re late.”  How does God respond to that?  Well, to put a little twist on the original Lord of the Rings quote, He says, “I am never late.  Nor am I early.  I always arrive precisely when I mean to.”  Who better to decide timing than the One who is the timeless Creator of time, upon whom time has no hold?  God’s always got us covered.  And even more beautiful than the perfect timing of God’s words is that He speaks to each and every one of His children, no exceptions.

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