I journal, He speaks


I keep a journal… I don’t keep some locked diary, and if you were to look inside my little book, it might be different than you’d expect. Indeed, you would find the quiet longings and prayers of my heart penned carefully across the pages, but they tell a different kind of story – a story of finding myself, of finding God, and of drawing close to Him through written words. It is a story of falling in love with a Prince. The passion flowing through the words increases daily. The words I couldn’t speak, I could write. For me journaling is a release; I can sort my thoughts that way. I feel that I can draw close to God. I am learning who I am and who God is to me. I can look back and see how He has changed my heart, and I can also remind myself of His promises, of prayers He has answered. Whether it is through writing, music, reading, dancing, drawing, or some other thing, every person has a special thing in which they feel especially close to the Father.

God speaks in so many different ways, which, with Him being the most wonderfully creative mind ever, should not be surprising. You have only to look at creation to see His variety! Find your way; there is no right or wrong answer. Find your way to draw close to Him and begin your love story.

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