Like You


On Leopard’s Rock over Oribi Gorge – KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Father, make me just like you. Daddy, make me just like you.”

That is a piece of a Jason Upton song. I have liked to listen to his songs since I was quite small. Perhaps it was his voice, but I loved it just the same. This particular line stuck out to me. “Just like you, Daddy,” my heart cries when I hear it. “I want to be the image of your love and grace.” It is so poignant. We always hear about “being more Christ-like,” but this seems different somehow. It is the cry of every heart. At the beginning of the Bible, way back in the book of Genesis, it says that we are created in His image, His likeness. Every single person was formed to shine that likeness. To become more like my Father, to be filled and overflowing with His love and grace, to reflect His majesty – this is the deep desire of my heart. “Father, make me just like you in every way.”

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