Serving in Love


Sara with Pastor Elisha. Neither of us speak Swahili. I only speak English & he only speaks Maa (the language of the Maasai people).

And the call is to community,
The impoverished power that sets the soul free.
In humility, to take the vow,

that day after day we must take up the basin and the towel.

These words are part of a Michael Card song and are a perfect fit for what it means to be a missionary family. Each and every day, we are learning more and more to live our lives outside of ourselves – living to love people and sow into their lives by shining God’s glory. We live here in Nairobi to serve communities and impact lives. It is not about how wonderful and amazing the Hoffman family is, living as missionaries in a country half-way around the world. It is about giving ourselves to serve others.

In any ordinary place,
on any ordinary day,
the parable can live again
when one will kneel and one will yield.

See the words “In any ordinary place, on any ordinary day”? That is our life. Each day we have beautiful opportunities to share God’s love, not just through big things, but thorugh small things as well – listening to someone’s story, feeding both friends and strangers, offering a smile, or sharing a hug. A life of loving and giving isn’t always easy – in fact, it usually isn’t easy at all. But we do it because we are passionate about Africa and our calling is to community.

Chad during a visit to one of the children's centers supported by CMA.

And the space between ourselves sometimes
is more than the distance between the stars.
By the fragile bridge of the Servant’s bow
we take up the basin and the towel.


Here is the YouTube link to Michael Card performing The Basin & The Towel live.

Michael Card — The Basin & The Towel

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  1. I loved it Sabra. Watching the song being performed by Micheal Card after reading what you wrote was especially meaningful. Thank you for sharing!!! ❤ Grandma

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