The Shangilia kids taking their first peek at the “treasure.”

My family had an opportunity that was especially exciting:  bringing and passing out books to the children at Shangilia School and Children’s Home and at Kibagare School.  You see, I adore books and grew up with a library always, almost literally, just around the corner.  Here in Kenya, however, that is not the case.  There is limited access to the reading materials that we so often take for granted and the scant number of books for purchase are very costly.

We want to thank Dawn & her daughter, Grace, from Michigan who coordinated their Pebbles and Stones group along with other friends to gather all their nicest books as a gift for the schools.  They even collected money for postage so that the books could be shipped directly to Christian Mission Aid in Nairobi.

Before handing out the books, we participated in the students’ Bible lesson, though I think that the stack of “mystery boxes from America” was somewhat of a distraction.  To get something in the mail is exciting, but getting something that you were dreaming of and praying for – and needed – is even better!

Sabra giving Monicah her new Bible.

The looks on the children’s faces were priceless as we pulled stacks and stacks of books from the boxes.  Monicah, a lovely young student at Shangilia, received a beautiful Bible hand-picked and purchased by Grace.  Monicah was thrilled – not only did she get her own Bible to read, but it was also specially engraved with her name on its pretty purple cover.

After we had handed out all of the “treasures,” one of the children delightedly whispered to my mom and me, “Now we have more books than students!” Truly, the books could scarcely have gone to a home where they would have been more well-loved.

My Grandma Patty ready to share books at Kibagare School.

More books than students!

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  1. God is good!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, Sabra, for the wonderful update. Only God could have captured the hearts of those who gave with His love.


  2. Sabra….Thank YOU!!! Thank you for writing up such a wonderful account of the book sharing! I’m making copies of this to hand out at our Pebbles and Stones meeting tonight. It is good for the kids here to see the end result of what they have given to the LORD! Blessings to you!!!

  3. Thank you so much and may God enlarge your territories as you continue sharing his love with the less fortunate.YOU ARE BLESSED WHEREVER YOU GO WHATEVER YOU DO FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

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