Dancing with God


Practicing a turn during my ballroom dancing lesson with instructor, Mr. Norbert.

Having a personal relationship with God is similar to ballroom dancing, with each of us representing the lady and God representing the man.  When a lady is dancing, she must learn to be led by the man; if she tries to take the lead, she makes the dance difficult to execute.  The lady must be in-tune with her partner at all times as he leads her through the dance, being receptive to his signals of the next step to take.

Dance partners only learn to dance fluidly together over time and with practice, and it is the same with us and God: we must continually invest in our relationship in order to make something beautiful of it, and it does not happen overnight.  In a dance, we sometimes see many just bits and pieces, individual steps and patterns; but, in the end, what we have is complete and lovely, though we could not see the whole of it right away.  Dancing also incorporates a great deal of trust because the lady, as the follower, must trust her partner implicitly, knowing that he will ultimately lead them to the place they ought to be on the dance floor.

Ballroom Lessons - 2011In our personal relationship with God, we each must learn to have listening, trusting hearts as we are led by His Spirit through our daily lives.

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