Here I Am


“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?’  And I said, ‘Here am I.  Send me!’”

These words from Isaiah 6 never fail to grab my attention.  When I read them, something inside me stirs.  That is the kind of girl I want to be – the girl who steps forward and boldly shouts, “Here I am! Use me, Daddy!”  In Genesis 3 we read how the Lord was searching for Adam and Eve in the garden.  When He called to them, saying “Where are you,” Adam replied, “I heard you…[but] I was afraid…so I hid.” That is not the kind of response I want to give when my Lord calls!  Like Samuel (Bible Samuel, not my brother Samuel), I want to be ready to jump up and come running when my Teacher calls. The first three times the Lord called to Samuel, he didn’t recognize whose voice it was; he ran and presented himself to Eli, saying, “Here I am; you called me.” (1 Sam. 3:4)  But the fourth time he was prepared.  This time when the Lord called, he replied, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Sam. 3:10)

When God calls to me, I want to answer like Moses: “Here I am.” (Ex. 3:4)  It is time for us, as sons and daughters, to pursue our Father’s heart with passion and be prepared to step up and step out.  I am ready to be done hiding; I want something big, something beautiful.  But you see, in order to come out of my hiding place, out of my comfort zone, I have to learn to walk in unrelenting obedience and listen for the God-whispers.  That is what God is teaching me.  It really is sad to miss out on something amazing because of a lack of obedience.  Our job is to be willing to obey and be used for His glory.  We must listen for God’s direction and then run with it; the end results are His prerogative, not ours.  I am ready to learn how to live a life of unrelenting obedience; I am ready to shine.  These lines from a Newsboys song come to mind:


here I am imageWhen we walk in His footsteps,

 It’s a brighter day;

When we follow His word,

He lights the way;

When we lift up His banner and raise it high,

We light up the sky.

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