Carry the Silence


Silence is a beautiful thing.  It is in the silence that I can best hear God speak to me.  I awake early in the morning simply to enjoy a time of soaking in His presence as the sun rises and the birds begin to sing their cheery tunes.  But such idyllic times of quiet are generally not long-lasting.  They are swept away in the busyness of everyday, sometimes completely lost or forgotten.  As much as I love my “quiet time” with God in the morning, I am learning something new: how to carry the silence.  I am learning that I can take that quiet place of listening with me throughout the day.  It is all about allowing His presence to overwhelm your life to the point where your spirit is always sensitive to His God-whispers, about allowing His silence to totally and completely invade your life.  When you do this, circumstances no longer matter; you no longer need to be in a particular place (be it location or circumstance) for God to speak to you because you realize that He is always speaking and you can be always listening, wherever you go and whatever you do.

“I want to be a mirror that reflects all that You are to those around me; 

I want to carry Your tantalizing presence everywhere that I go.”

That is the cry of my heart.  If I carry His peace and His quiet, awe-inspiring glory with me wherever I go, people can’t help but see it.  I want to be a carrier of the silence.  How about you?

The beautiful Ngong Hills. Southwest of Nairobi. An hour’s drive from our apartment in the city

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  1. DEAR Sabra,
    Your words are beautiful, and your heart IS so beautiful! YOU DO REFLECT FATHER’S GLORY!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights–they bless everyone that reads them! You have been able to learn early what it takes alot of us years to learn! You have also encouraged those who read this letter to put on our listening ears in every place that we are, because FATHER wants to tell us something to share in our lives in every area!
    Again, thank you for writing and sharing these words!!!
    May the LORD continue to use you to reach others for HIM–I am certain HE WILL as you continue to listen to all that HE is saying to you!!!
    love Rose Alberta

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