All My Worship


A thought occurred to me while I was home alone, twirling around with lifted arms, singing worship songs: if I can dance and sing for my King when I am alone, how much more should I do it before others?  I am not talking about putting on a show for others; I am talking about showing One just how much we love Him and how serious we are about our worship.  Have you ever felt like you wanted to sing loudly, even if your voice isn’t particularly lovely, or like you wanted to fling your arms high during worship?  I have, but I must admit that sometimes I did not do it.  Why?  I was afraid – afraid of what others might think of me, afraid of what they might say.  In the words of James, “Brothers and sisters, this should not be!”  When we don’t worship our King with abandon, it begs the question, “Who are we worshipping for?”  Worship is about you and Him, not about those around you, be they friends, family, peers, elders, or even enemies.  It is a tempting trap: worship with your entire being and perhaps be misunderstood, or hold back and look like everyone else.  It is tough to ignore that desire to be understood and liked, but it shouldn’t be.  After all, it is about honoring the King of all creation, the One who was, is, and is to come.  We should realize that worshipping Him is both our privilege and our delight.

hands raised in worshipHonestly, I think it is insulting to offer God lukewarm worship as our “sacrifice of praise” (Heb. 13:15).  It’s not that we all need to jump and screech and act like a bunch of scary lunatics; it is really, simply this: we need to open our hearts and allow ourselves to be swept away as we worship.  When I feel God’s presence really strongly – as often happens to me during worship – my whole body begins to tremble, and I can’t control it.  He totally overwhelms me, and I never want that to change.  I would rather be called “strange” for being wildly in love with my King than be called “normal” for acting like everyone else around me.

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