Beautiful Thoughts


Lunch at Tamambo Restaurant — Karen Blixen Tea Garden and Museum in Karen, Kenya.

I sometimes think the most profound thoughts.  But I can’t really take the credit for them; they are the thoughts of my Father’s heart that He shares with me.  God will show me the most amazing things, and though I journal about them, I often forget to share them with others.  Who knows?  Perhaps God tells me things so I can tell others.  I’ve been thinking a lot about doing more writing.  I love reading words, writing them, and thinking of them.  I guess that’s why I began to journal.  I feel so close to my heavenly Father when I am writing.  Often as I write in my journal, it is as though the words flow directly from His heart to mine, then right off the tip of my pen.  I can’t always remember what I write and tend to find myself astounded when I go back to read through my entries again.  I sometimes wonder, “Did I really write that?”  But that is because the power and the wisdom aren’t mine; I just captured a piece of them on a page while I was soaking in my Father’s presence.  I love to hear the beautiful thoughts of my Father.

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